Col. Jordan Bowling Palmer high profile advocate for civil rights in Kentucky

Jordan Palmer is a compassionate high profile advocate for civil rights in Kentucky. Kentucky needs Jordan Bowling Palmer in leadership in the Kentucky Senate or other political role. Col. Jordan Bowling Palmer for Kentucky. See my previous post.

Thank you.

Col. Richard Thomas Jones
Pulaski County Order of Kentucky Colonels*

 - Appointed by the Mayor of Somerset, KY and not the Governor/Commander-in-Chief of the Commonwealth of Kentucky*.

Recruit Jordan Palmer for Kentucky now - A Man of the People

In our day to day lives, we are faced with numerous challenges leading you to the person you will eventually become. This is about a man, a friend, a brother, Jordan Palmer. It is very rare in life that one meets a true "Man of the People" by this I mean a man who without thought to personal gain, without aspirations of advancement, or recognition, selflessly puts themselves out there to fight for something they believe in, Something they know will have a major impact in the lives of others.

Jordan Palmer gives without thought to himself, he leads while allowing everyone to have a say, he works with people based on their strengths, while assisting them in improving their weaknesses, He unknowingly I think, impacts every life he touches and makes them strive to be better than they are, and he does this honestly and with a genuine caring for those he serves or works with.

The thing about the way Mr. Jordan Palmer does this, is that he does it for the most part never having seen or come in physical contact with the life or lives he he is touching and changing all the time.

Although Mr. Jordan Palmer does have personal ventures and has worked in the business world for quite some time. It is obvious that his true nature brings him to the service of those who cannot defend or advocate for themselves.

I recognize Mr. Jordan Palmer for his kindness, diversity, leadership quality's and his all around caring spirit.

Jordan Palmer, I have said this many times and so your ears will not burn when I say it again. I am very pleased to be working with someone who sheds light to darkness, happiness into sometimes unhappy situations, leadership quality's in such a way that the fact that your nudging and carefully pushing the person you're assisting along it is far from obvious, thus leading the individual to a sense of SELF ACCOMPLISHMENT.

You are a true Kentucky advocate and a "Man of the People".

I write this also keeping in mind the other people who fight and teach along side of you.

I am sure I speak for us all when I say, THANK YOU.

Richard Thomas Jones
Pulaski County Kentucky Colonels